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General Men's Health

Young boys play outside like they have their whole life in front of them waiting.  And indeed, their whole life is waiting!

Young men feel invincible when it comes to their health, even reckless at times.  They will throw their bodies into the rugby pile without a worry.  Burgers and fries three nights a week?  No worries.  Most of them can burn it off without even trying.

Those first reminders that we are indeed fragile are wake up calls.  The back that is stiff and tight after bending to lift a heavy bag of leaves.  The Achilles tendon or calf muscle that gets pulled while playing squash or while running up a hill. The "foggy head" and tired joints felt the day after having had only a couple of glasses of wine.  Falling asleep at 10 o'clock at night when in the past the night was just beginning at 10.

We men need to eventually realize that our bodies need care and attention. Unfortunately we are often slow to learn this lesson , and sadly, sometimes too late.

The years when we need to begin paying more special attention to ourselves are the same years when we are often consumed by family and work responsibilities.  So too often, this priority gets put aside.  Until one day we may look in the mirror in shock at what happened to our body.  Or we may realize that we couldn't run a city block if we wanted to, and haven't even tried for years .We may get a call back from the doctor about high blood sugar or high blood pressure, or even worse, we suffer a heart attack  out of nowhere.

Though it may seem like just common sense, more and more scientific studies show the direct link between good overall health and  healthy diets, regular exercise, healthy weight, and lack of tobacco use.  By keeping active, controlling weight, eating well, and by not smoking, men can significantly decrease their chances of having a heart attack or stroke.  They are also less likely to develop diabetes.  And if these aren't motivation enough, they are also less likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

In addition, the greater sense of well being healthy men enjoy is a great asset to themselves and their families.  Our families benefit when we are healthy, because we are in a better mood, less depressed and more engaged.  Worrying about a loved one's poor health takes away from everyone's enjoyment of life.

But even physically healthy men need to deal with tough life situations such as divorce, family illness, alcohol and substance problems, depression, stress, or parenting problems.

For men, with regard to keeping healthy, a great place to start is to begin seeing your doctor for a regular annual helath review and a medical exam.  And when problems or stresses come up, don't be a stranger.

At Ontario Men's Health in central Toronto, as part of the assessment for sexual concerns, we offer comprehensive medical exams and advice about health and lifestyles.

Men owe it to themselves and their families to take good care of their health.



I know that sex is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable parts of life, but I always found it stressful. Usually I would ejaculate just as my wife and I were getting started. After awhile I wasn't even getting good erections. My wife always smiled and did her best to make me feel that it didn't matter, but I could sense disappointment. I tried to achieve more at work to make up the difference. I finally got up the nerve to see a doctor after reading something in a magazine. I had it all wrong. With some simple treatment and practice, things have improved dramatically for my wife and I. Now we are both smiling.

My wife and I were getting along OK, but we had slipped into a routine of avoiding sex because it was awkward for both of us when I couldn't perform. We just put it down to age and moved on. One day I just decided to look into it further, and let me tell you, don't let anyone tell you that you need to give up sex just because of your age. Our life is much more complete now than it has been in years. Get help today. My wife and I are so glad we did.