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Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction

At Ontario Men's Health (OMH), we welcome men who have been treated for prostate cancer. Actually this is one of our special interests. Prostate cancer is an increasingly common diagnosis, and, unfortunately, will become even more common as the baby boomers age and live longer lives than their fathers. If you have been treated for prostate cancer you are likely aware that Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common side effect of treatment.

*Watch as Dr. Aquino speaks on Rogers TV about Treating ED after prostate surgery

Even "nerve sparing" surgeries or radiation treatments of the prostate usually result in Erectile Dysfunction. Sometimes the Erectile Dysfunction diminishes several months after prostate cancer treatment, but often not to a degree which is satisfactory. Studies have shown that there is more to the problem than just nerves. Less oxygen to the erectile tissue of the penis after surgery can lead to a form of scarring or loss of elasticity. Radiation has a similar effect.

If the vascular channels of the penis are put to work again soon after surgery or radiation, then potentially the chance of maintaining erectile function in the future will be enhanced. This concept is referred to as Penile Rehabilitation, or Penile Rehab. Indeed, studies have shown that men who use medication to restore erections, or at least to increase the blood flow to the penis, quickly after treatment for prostate cancer have less Erectile Dysfunction later on compared to men who just waited it out.


I know that sex is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable parts of life, but I always found it stressful. Usually I would ejaculate just as my wife and I were getting started. After awhile I wasn't even getting good erections. My wife always smiled and did her best to make me feel that it didn't matter, but I could sense disappointment. I tried to achieve more at work to make up the difference. I finally got up the nerve to see a doctor after reading something in a magazine. I had it all wrong. With some simple treatment and practice, things have improved dramatically for my wife and I. Now we are both smiling.

My wife and I were getting along OK, but we had slipped into a routine of avoiding sex because it was awkward for both of us when I couldn't perform. We just put it down to age and moved on. One day I just decided to look into it further, and let me tell you, don't let anyone tell you that you need to give up sex just because of your age. Our life is much more complete now than it has been in years. Get help today. My wife and I are so glad we did.