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Circumcision for Adult Men

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In Ontario, including Toronto, circumcision is not nearly as common now compared to past decades. As a result, many male adults in Toronto have not had circumcision. This number will continue to rise as today’s youth reach adulthood and rarely have had circumcision.

There has been much controversy surrounding circumcision in Toronto and across Ontario and Canada for many years. In the Provincial Health Plan for Ontario circumcision is no longer a covered benefit. Still, some families in Toronto choose circumcision for their boys for social or religious reasons, or because of perceived medical benefits of circumcision.

However, families who want circumcision in Toronto have dwindling options for the procedure, as fewer hospitals and clinics across Ontario, including Toronto, offer circumcision as a service.

Though there are recognized medical benefits to circumcision, the small risks of the procedure and concerns regarding pain in infancy, have made infant circumcision less prevalent.

Though infants can’t directly consent to a procedure such as circumcision, adult men can. Many Toronto men who did not have circumcision as an infant now wonder whether their quality of life would be better if they were circumcised.

Some Toronto men wonder if circumcision would make sex more comfortable. These men often have discomfort when the foreskin is retracted. Many men also feel that their female partners would prefer them to have a circumcision.

Other Toronto men wonder if circumcision will improve hygiene, or make them less prone to Sexually Transmitted Infections. There are studies that support this.

And some Toronto men wonder if circumcision will improve sexual concerns such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.
Adult men in Toronto have the right to decide whether a circumcision is right for them, but the decision is not always easy.

Ontario Men’s Health, a specialty clinic for men in Toronto, can answer your questions about adult circumcision. Circumcision is not for all men, but many do see improved quality of life after the procedure.

After consultation at our clinic, Ontario Men’s Health can arrange surgical consultation regarding adult circumcision for men from Toronto and other parts of Ontario.

To discuss an appointment, please call 416-512-6367


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